Everest provides cross-functional monthly interdisciplinary support to clients to help them achieve positive results. Whether layering indirectly with regional teams or direct-to-center, Everest crafts training and engagement pathways to help build sustainable processes for operational improvement. Agreements range from 3-12 months.

Monthly consulting will be included with every service option provided. If you have any questions further regarding the scope of what monthly consulting will or should entail, please fill out our contact form.

Our Consulting Expertise

We tailor our proposals to match our clients dynamic and changing needs. This is a sample of a proposal.
Due to the increasingly competitive nature of the industry’s operating environment, SNF providers are tasked with accountability to local/federal levels of stringent regulatory guidelines. In the current and future healthcare landscape, SNF providers are defined by clinical performance metrics and outcomes datasets that quantify their value and are used as performance scorecards that ultimately determine the viability of success in a given market. Furthermore, to attain and sustain regulatory compliance and simultaneously achieve business performance objectives tied to cost-containment and revenue generation, skilled nursing providers must coordinate their operations and clinical functions. The emphasis on outcomes tied to clinical components have not only changed the duties and responsibilities of providers, their processes, and the workflow of direct care, administrative teams in centers, but it has also amplified the involvement of owners and asset managers in their approach in driving accountability and performance within their portfolios. As the industry shifts into risk-based payment models, data demonstrates a providers’ value. However, the overall effectiveness of clinical programs, policies, and procedures expand beyond audits of critical datasets. Everest embraces the narrative behind the data and leverages the analytics as insights to support providers across the care continuum. Everest partners with clients to optimize their workflow through robust analysis of outcomes in concert with a comprehensive understanding of workflow processes at the bedside, resource development, tool optimization, and training.

For clients seeking to elevate its clinical management platform, Everest Management Solutions provides support in optimizing current business practices, positioning the portfolio for success, and improving performance at the center level. The partnership between Everest Management Solutions and our clients is to aid in your mission to position skilled centers to reach peak clinical performance. The Everest team will identify solutions that effectuate the changes necessary to optimize the SNF portfolio’s performance and ultimately position our clients as the post-acute care leader within the markets they serve. Ultimately, the objective of the collaboration between Everest Management Solutions and our clients is to catalyze the center’s success in terms of short and long-term gains in clinical practices through leveraging comprehensive performance analytics, industry insights, and field support to plan and drive the strategies and tactics necessary for the portfolio’s achievement of specific metrics and deliverables.

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